Hey Hey My My (Lyrics) From The Heart

At Hey Hey My My we live, breathe, sleep &love music. The art of music is most definitely our life’s purpose. We are all just one big family and support each other through the emotional times we have, our highs and our lows, our wins, and our losses, sharing and caring for each other. When life throws us a challenge, we band together and fight that challenge head on as an ensemble, when one of us has a win, we all rejoice in that success.

This site is all about creating record of our life experiences as human beings, and as musicians,and about sharing those experiences with our likeminded fans and followers, sharing our music, sharing our feelings, and enriching ourselves as living breathing human beings. Possibly self-indulgent in many ways but those of us who experience life as artists will relate to our journal entries and our quirky way of viewing life. Expressing ourselves hereas an online diary of life on the road as a musician, we’ll keep posting the high and low points of our travels. In saying that, some of us are not touring. Some of us choose to stay put, and just love to express ourselves through our music.Holding down a regular day job with music our pursuitand escape when we need that release. Art is expression in its purest and most beautiful form. Art is an opportunity for us to be as individual as we choose, and draw our inspiration from the deep chambers of our being. Please take a moment to share our art, peer a little into our souls, and view your existence from a different perspective.hey hey my my


So if you like what you read you like what you hear, drop us a line let us know. We would love to hear from you. If you’d like to show your support or you would like to buy some of our music or merchandise, we have CDs available for sale and we also have some pretty cool music merchandise available. Our merchandise is kindly supplied by our friends at 24 hour T-shirts who’ve helped us develop beautiful artwork and offered us great deals in custom band merchandise, and for all you lovers of retro vinyl records, we’ve got a cool selection of vinyl records that have been kindly produced at very good rates by Zenith Records.


The human spirit is born free and it is one of our challenges in life to keep that spirit free, and not let our spirit be tied down in the chains of the systems we ourselves create. Our destiny is our choice, and it is only fear and insecurity which prevents us from realising our potential destiny.Music and performing music is a beautiful way to keep your spirit free, so join us here in celebrating free spirit and expression and share our way of expressing how we experience our lives.

If you’re an artist and you’d like to join our site please feel free to drop us a line, send us a sample of some of your music, or just share an experience with us. We don’t narrow our focus on any one genre, and we just want to share with peace and promote peace worldwide.


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