Erik Weideman Turns Back the Clock To 1927

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Back In the 80’s 1927 were really, really big. So big that they sold over ½ million copies of their debut album Ish. They went on to release two more albums with increasingly small returns and then they just kinda blipped off the radar.

Until now.

Erik Weideman
the lead singer of 1927 is back performing under the band name that made him briefly famous. It’s already proving a welcome return for fans of the band who are re-living their pop concert youth.

1927 were and remain a strange phenomenon. Their songs were extremely popular and successful and yet they don’t really feel like a soundtrack to their generation. They were inoffensive, very commercial (whatever that means) and they certainly hit the mark on the charts. The little girls understood. But they didn’t leave a huge impression on the landscape. For all their success they were easily forgotten.

However the fact remains that 1927 were good musicians, and they had great pop songs, and in fairness you have to admit that they were a real band, somewhat more substantial than the Idol graduates that make up our commercial pop ranks today.

I just wasn’t expecting a return of 1927.

“Celebration sounds right” comments Weideman, when asked if it’s a reunion, a comeback or a celebration. “It’s got nostalgia happening and it feels celebratory.”

Looking back Weideman is strangely detached from the whole process.

“I didn’t set out to be in a band, it wasn’t on my agenda, it just happened”, he remarks. “It just happened to be a pretty good one. In 94 or 95’ we decided ‘that’ll do’ after a few line-up changes but I’m not even sure why we did that. In the same way that I was confused going in, I was confused going out.”

He considers the experience of being in the countries most popular band in almost surreal terms.

“When its all happening you fall into the trap of thinking you cant put a foot wrong. It’s not that you are believing the hype, but you actually don’t do anything wrong, because everything you do goes right! And then popularity wanes and you think “what do I do now. And it’s taken me this long to work out what to do now”.

For the current tour Weideman has the three 1927 albums to draw on. I wonder 20 years from now if the current pop bands will be able to do reunion tours when they get to play their most popular downloads or whether those songs will have been well and truly deleted from the hard drives of their fans?

“How are you supposed to build up a body of work that could be celebrated or whatever in years to come”, said Weideman “These days they write a song to a pop formula that will work on I Tunes for a week or two”.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of ..ISH, 1927 will be performing a one off show at the Forum Theatre, Sat 19th June with special guests Scott Carne (Kids In The Kitchen), Sean Kelly (The Models) and Brian Mannix (Uncanny X-Men) and The Absolute 80′s Band.


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  4. Mary on June 11th, 2013 4:04 pm

    This is not the 1927 that were the hit in 1980′s and are definitely not a reformation of the originals. The only original is Eric Weideman himself. He has chosen to cash in on the famous 1927 name.

    Eric why don ‘t you reform the band with the musicians who helped make you famous in the 1980′s. Status Quo along with many others have reformed and are performing just as well, if not better, than when they hit the big-time.

    I know exactly how good the band was because I was on the tour on the good old cruise liner Fairstar. Gone on, give it a go.

  5. john hay on February 7th, 2014 3:58 pm

    Hi Eric your old Juncle John here, have lost touch with the whole family, I will welcome any contact. cheers john hay there you old rocker!

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